Hey everyone,

Here are the videos to watch from this last week. Please watch them both and write (at least) one thing you liked about each, and one critique you have of each in the “Reply” section below before class next Monday. This will most likely be your only time to view and discuss these projects your classmates worked hard on, so be sure to do it!

Thanks everyone and see you Monday!

– Caleb

12 thoughts on “WATCH THESE!!!!

  1. 1. Really liked the music they used for this short film. No critique.
    2. Awesome content. There was some shuffling noise while Ross was talking about Kim K, but he fixed it once he moved his mic to his tie.

  2. Alpha Male
    I liked that it was a clear story line and the music in the background kept the short story going.
    One thing I would change is perhaps hearing the girl’s reaction to the guys or when there is a close up of her mouth seeming to say ‘ow’ perhaps hearing that too?

    Coastline News
    I liked that there were clean cuts, and nothing drastically went wrong, no green screen errors. The music behind the weather segment was also a nice touch.
    One thing I would change is the length, either keeping it at 20minutes, 25minutes or 30minutes but 28 is an odd time.

  3. Like the first short, nice cuts and continuation. Great time to shoot too, lighting good, etc. The only thing I notice (as editor) was minimal, when Amy did the “ohh” and “shh” expressions, it seem weird on the cuts.

    Coastline news was awesome as always, like the new intro with Greta -we should do more with the other reporters – like the trending section, great new “stay tune for weather” section (professional), and of course Hilary as always nail it! (I would get another choice of music, but music is good!) Greta also was great as always in sports, music and all. Anchors, great! their conversations were great especially at the end. The flops, well I think the reporters should watch for minimal things but important things as, mic placement, head rooms, etc. As I point out, another choice of music for weather? and lastly, transitions. I saw a pkg with Sam as the reporters and when it ended when back to the studio with her and other story, should comeback with Ross? Well that’s it I think, oh yeah and the guy who sets the lights, great job! LOL, just kidding; I also have to work in some little things (I saw minimal shadows).

  4. The short was alright. Some of the story (why they were playing rock paper scissors) wasn’t communicated super well, the reactions and expressions should’ve been a little more over the top to move along the story, some of the shots were a touch out of focus and the steadicam shots could’ve been smoother

    Coastline was solid. Ross’ mic was pretty distracting. The trending topics segment was interesting. All of the talent killed it.

  5. Coastline news:

    I love the way it becomes a conversation between the anchors, makes it more entertaining.

    On the technical aspect of the video:

    I noticed the noise with the lav at the beginning, but it seems you guys either changed the microphone after the second break or fixed it. Anchors were well lit up, green screen was also well lit up but the camera needed to step down a little bit with the iris on the greenscreen. Good transitions. We just need those moving lower thirds (Working on it). You guys are elevating the production value of the show, keep it going!

  6. loved the short. very clear story line. beautifully shot (thanks to the great lighting).

    Coastline news was great. Hilary nailed the weather. The new trending section was a great add. I really liked the pre-teases like Greta’s in the beginning and the stay tune for weather. Only thing i would change is the noise on Ross’s mic earlier but besides that another great coastline

  7. Okay so the 1st video was not bad, really didn’t do it for me. Loved the way it was done, some reflector issues on one of the talents but it was huh!

    Coastline was as always good-ish, Only issue was the audio.

  8. 1. I liked the short. Clear story line, wrapped up nicely. I think the music could have been played with a little more to make it a little more interesting when the music changes. It just seemed a little abrupt.

    2. Ross’ mic was bad but he did really well as talent. Greta’s segment was really good in the beginning. Was it a choice to make the talent talk candidly as much as they did? If it was, maybe don’t do it as long it seemed a little strange to me. Also, I really liked the jazz music behind Katie’s Thanksgiving story.

  9. ALPHA MALE- hahahha loved it! The action was awesome and the music went really well with it. Some of the shots confused me a little, for example the shot of the last trick they were about to take on mixed in with amy’s face…didn’t really get it until they started speeding towards the jump but maybe I’m just slow haha.

    COASTLINE NEWS- Thank you thank you to all you talented people!! Set looked great, talent did wonderful and all you amazing control room people were so clutch and kept your cool even when the server was down and Marissa and I were running around like chickens with no heads. Little tech problems and fixes to flow of the show but other than that great job to all of you. LET’S FIX THE SERVER ISSUES AND GRAPHICS. Thanks!

  10. Alpha Male: This short was great. The production quality of it was faaantastic!! I feel like the storyline could have been a little more developed, but overall I was very entertained.

    Coastline: I feel like this Coastline went really well. We had so much great content to discuss and present! From packages, to readers, to VOSOTs, everyone worked really hard to make sure our stories were worthwhile, and I think that shows. Personally I learned a lot from anchoring this one. There was a lot of ad-libbing and that was awesome practice for us. Like some others said, I think the teases are a nice add. Super good work, everyone!!

  11. I really liked all the colors used in the short. I thought the outfits and the background was great and gave it a great environment. I was confused in the beginning why they were just playing rock, paper, scissors since that seems a little unrealistic.

    As usual, the talent did a really great job with their lines and being on camera. I thought it was very smooth and the cuts were great. I don’t know how i feel about the dissolve into Greta’s intro in the beginning. Seemed a little random, but that’s just personal preference. All the content was really great, as usual as well.

  12. Alpha Male
    I thought this short was great and entertaining.
    Amy’s close up of her reaction to the boys falling didn’t seem very smooth.

    We are definitely improving a lot and it is very noticeable.
    Ross’ mic was the biggest distraction.

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