Reel Students

reel3 episodes/semester (episodes often shot all on the same night)

Note: This semester (Fall ’16) we will be focusing on the short films shot in COM442 last semester.


Chooses short film; outlines/writes discussion for hosts, lead-ins, etc.; coordinates crew; reserves studio time.

Directs the crew in the control room, including technical director, sound board operator, graphics operator, server operator, and remote camera operator. Communicates with floor director and jib cam operator through intercom system.

Technical Director
Operates video switcher according to directions of Director; must be familiar with basic switcher functions (cuts, fades, graphics, etc.); does not need to be familiar with green screen functions.

Floor Director
Communicates between Director in control room and talent/crew on the floor. This includes verbal communication as well as non-verbal communication (hand signals).

Sets up hosts’ mics. Controls sound levels for  mics and video clips.

Remote Camera Operator
Operates the studio remote cameras from the control room. This includes exposure, focus, framing, and camera movements.

Jib Cam Operator
Operates jib cam in the studio. Communicates with Director for timing and movement of shots.

Controls which graphics are online using computer in control room.

Operates teleprompter through laptop in the studio.

Transfers and edits project; may need to add opening graphics and end credits (Reel Students is shot live-to-tape and requires very little editing)

Discuss the film being featured in the show. This includes lead-ins from commercial breaks as well as unscripted commentary and banter.


Links to previous shows:


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