New Comedy Show

We are deviating from Late Night Loma and trying something new this semester. The format and content are still up in the air, but your management team is leaning towards a LIVE Tonight Show-esque Variety/Interview show including some pre-recorded comedic segments. If this goes forward, it will be a large shoot requiring most of the class’s involvement.



Oversees entire scope of show, making sure content is consistent and of course funny. Meets with writers. Submits scripts to Dr. Hueth for approval. Acquires any extra crew/talent as needed.

Oversees and directs individual productions in the field and in the studio. Should be familiar with script(s) but ready to make adjustments as needed.

Director of Photography

Oversees and is ultimately in charge of all technical aspects of the shoot, including camera and lighting set up. Works closely with the director.


Brainstorm and write formatted scripts in a timely manner, and submit to producer. May be present at shoots to assist director.


Operates studio sound board if productions are done in the studio. May also be asked to do audio in the field.

Art Director

Creates lighting and set arrangement for any in-studio segments.

Camera Operators

Operate cameras in the field and/or in the studio as needed.


Puts all the segments together into a cohesive whole. Creates intro graphics, credits, and any necessary titles.


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