Coastline News


Every other Thursday night from 6-9pm

5:30–Call time
6:00pm-7:50pm–Prep and run-throughs (and pizza)
8:00pm-8:20pm–Show goes live
8:20pm-8:30pm–Post-show crew meeting
8:30pm-9:00pm–Strike set


Eliza Jason

Schedules taping times and secures crew members to work on the show, makes sure all of the content is ready, keeps everyone running on time, and edits the show for viewing in class and later posting on social media.

Directs the crew in the control room, including technical director, sound board operator, graphics operator, server operator, and remote camera operator. Communicates with floor director through intercom system. Director position requires advanced preparation beyond normal crew positions.

Technical Director
Operates video switcher according to directions of Director. Must be familiar with graphics and green screen functions.

Sound Board Operator
Sets up Talent microphones. Controls sound levels for Talent micriphones, video clips, and news packages.

Server Operator
Controls which video clips and news packages are ready on the server. Communicates with Director and and Technical Director to ensure proper playback.

Remote Cam Operator
Operates the studio remote cameras from the control room. This includes exposure, focus, framing, and camera movements.

Jib Cam
Operates jib cam in the studio. Communicates with Director for timing and movement of shots.

Set and Lighting
Madison Parker

Prepares set before anyone else starts their job and adjusts lighting as needed by the Producer, Director, Remote Cam Operator, before the initial run-through.

Operates teleprompter through laptop in the studio.

Graphics Operator
Controls which graphics are online using computer in control room. This includes bottom thirds, over the shoulder graphics, and full screen graphics.

Floor Director
Communicates between Director in control room and talent/crew on the floor. This includes verbal communication during breaks, as well as non-verbal communication (hand signals) when show is live.

Anchors, weather, sports, consumer reports, occasionally live field reporter.


Links to past shows:

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