Acoustic Showcase


2-3 shows/semester


Selects and coordinates talent; obtains lyrics for songs to pass off to director; writes commentary for host, interview questions, etc; coordinates crew for run-through(s)/practice; reserves studio space for shoot.

Reviews songs to be performed; creates a shot-by-shot plan based on specific songs (when to use a closeup, when to pan, etc.); directs control room crew during shoot; communicates  with jib cam operator on floor.

Technical Director
Operates video switcher according to directions of Director; must be familiar with basic switcher functions (cuts, fades, graphics, etc.); does not need to be familiar with green screen functions.

Remote Camera Operator
Operates the studio remote cameras from the control room. This includes exposure, focus, framing, and camera movements.

Jib Camera Operator
Operates jib cam in the studio. Communicates with Director for timing and movement of shots. Should get in sufficient practice before final shoot.

Sound Board Operator
Sets up instrument and vocal microphones as needed before shoot; controls sound levels for instruments and vocals during shoot.

Art Director
Creates an attractive set and lighting plan to match tone of songs to be played. Will work with Point TV Productions Manager, Madison Parker, and show producer to finalize a plan.

Collects all files included for show and edits them together, under direction of the writer/producer. This may include studio video, field video, and stills.

Appears on camera and introduces talent. May also include asking interview questions.


Links to previous shows:


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