Point TV: New and Improved

Point TV, the student-run newsroom at Point Loma Nazarene University, has a new look and new technology.

The new studio mural is a colorful mural of the famous TV Color bars with a black and white film clapboard that resembles a film slate. The wall will showcase student projects and the production team.

Point TV Station Manager, Eliza Jason, Junior Media Communication major, put the finishing touches on the clapboard end of the mural by incorporating posters and photos of team members, alumni spotlight, and student projects.

“Our goal for the mural was to give the studio and its productions a fresh look. We hope that the design will draw more attention to our students and their incredible work” Jason said.

Plans to create a new studio mural begin during the Fall 2017 semester. Professor Alan Hueth hired PLNU Alumni, Channin Fulton, to create different samples representing what we are all about, and she delivered. Students had the opportunity to help in the process by giving their advice for the best mural design.

Once the design was picked, the painting process went in full force and was completed just in time for the start of the Spring 2018 semester.

“Present students, prospective students and their parents can walk into the hallway and they know in 30 seconds what we’re about” said Hueth.

In addition to the studio mural, Point TV also acquired a new Canon 5 DSLR camera.

“The HD DSLR cameras are “In” right now,” Rick Moncauskas, Media Operations manager and Adjunct Professor said. “The 5D specifically has a very large image sensor that allows a shallow depth of field which the other cameras we have are not capable of. It also allows us to use high quality interchangeable lenses.”

This Canon 5 DSLR has already been used in productions this semester. Brad Chinman, a Senior Media Communication major, said it provides a more “cinematic look.”

“This addition allows the students interested in making movies to use a more movie style camera opposed to the many news cameras we have in stock for the journalism department,” he said. “This new addition allows the students to not have to go to an outside source to rent camera equipment every time we want to make a movie.”


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For more information regarding this release, the Point TV Professionals Unit, or anything Point TV related, please contact Alan Hueth at AlanHueth@pointloma.edu or Natalie Mooney at nataliemooney3367@pointloma.edu

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